$42mth gives you 24-7 access to a library of classes:

  • Classes for beginners to intermediate/advanced
  • 60-minute classes
  • 3 LIVE Workouts per week
  • 1 LIVE Restorative/Yin Class per week
  • Access to LIVE STREAMING – otherwise updated to your “Dashboard”







I began teaching from my home gym in response to the unfortunate covid crisis in March of 2020.

All classes have been filmed in my home gym. When you subscribe you will have instant access to a huge library of pre-recorded classes. You will also be emailed a Zoom meeting invite to attend LIVE STREAMING classes!

If you join LIVE, the WORKOUTS will begin with 10-minute mobility work, 40 minutes of functional training, and 10 minutes of stretching and relaxing guided mediation that with bring calm throughout your day.

For the LIVE YOGA SESSIONS, we will begin with breath work/pranayama for the first 10 mins followed by 40 minutes of therapeutic/restorative asana and ending with a guided meditation. If you miss the LIVE, the workout/yoga sessions, they will be posted to your dashboard, so you’ll have 24/7 access!

Who is this for? Anyone! The workouts and yoga sessions can be adapted from beginner to advance. I give you options during the workouts to make it easier or harder, to suit your level and skill. The yoga sessions are prominently restorative sessions, this is where we will hold asanas for about 3-4mins. I will give options during the class for different skill levels or flexibility. If there is a pose that you are having trouble with please don’t hesitate to reach out to me here.

What if I can’t make it LIVE? Classes will be recorded and uploaded.

What do you need for a home practice? 

a) Have a clear WIFI connection.

b) For the workout classes; they can be done with minimal equipment and your own body weight. We do use weights in the class, however, you can substitute weights for liquid detergent bottles, can be found here. (which allows you a choice of weight resistance with handles). We also use loop thera-bands which can be found here.

c) For the yoga classes; a yoga mat, ideally a couple of blocks (grab thick books if need be) a strap (or a towel/tie/t-shirt), a flat pillow for sitting or sensitive knees, and two bigger pillows (or blankets/towels).

What is pranayama? Breath work. We do basic pranayama as well as Kundalini Kriyas (or sets of breath exercise in combination with either movement/mantra). The daily class begins this way for the first 10 min. Be open-minded when first trying this as it can be weird, for sure!

In advance, pranayama can be extremely helpful in creating ease and space in the body. However, some common contraindications as pranayama changes the pressure in your body: Pregnancy and first three months especially (avoid uddiyana bandha, kapalabhati, bhastrika – anything vigorous on the belly) anxiety and those prone to panic attacks – some of the same intense breathing can trigger those already in an anxious state (while for others it may help them pending on severity of anxiousness/disassociation) heart conditions, those prone to seizures, concussions/head/neck injuries – again pending on timing and severity, glaucoma/sinus/ear issues, high blood pressure, low blood pressure – for low the common side effect may be dizziness or faintness, recent abdominal surgery, hernia, ulcer, cysts, women postpartum – be mindful of breath that irritates the affected area.

What if I’m injured? Let me know in advance and I may have some insights. But like all physical activity speak with your doctor or use your own discretion and intuition when it comes to conditions, injuries etc.

Can I share or record the classes? The classes are available 24-7. To share with friends, let them know they can sign up too. If they would like to try it for a week contact me here (and I can give them access for the week).

 * you can begin and cancel anytime – however, the first payment will not be refunded or if you go past your month renewal.*


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