Alana’s ‘Glowing Soul Expansion’ Sessions help you navigate your heart and reach your soul’s desired path.

Experience the magic of Therapeutic Touch, with the added benefits of crystal healing to bring you in to a space of relaxation and healing. Alana holds the space for you to let go of the blocks and beliefs that have been limiting you from your full potential, whilst using her intuitive gifts to guide the session. After the healing session, Alana will discuss your energy with you and any messages that may have come up. You will be given supportive and intuitive guidance to continue your healing journey.

Choose your session

90 minute In-Person Session

Sessions start with a 20-minute discussion followed by 40-minutes of intuitive reading. This is where Alana taps into the energy of your body and is guided by your soul’s desires. For the remaining 30 minutes of the session, Alana will discuss, heal, and clear anything that has come up for you. It usually takes three sessions to dive deep into the body’s knowing and make significant changes.

In-person sessions are located in Whistler, BC.

Investment: $222

90 minute Distance Session

Distance Healing is conducted over Zoom, Alana will connect with you and discuss your current emotional and energetic state, as well as your intention for the healing. Alana will play an intuitively design playlist for your to listen to during the healing; time for your to lie back and relax! During the healing you may experience sensations, visuals, or you may simply feel relaxed or sleepy; everyone’s experience is different! Afterwards, Alana will discuss your energy/needs in a supportive manner.

Investment: $222