Alana helps people transform their physical, spiritual and emotional bodies.


“I’ve known Alana for over five years and I’m constantly in awe of her commitment to her self-mastery, and the mastery of her gifts with energy, spirit and the physical.  I’ve witnessed her brave journey of heart, navigating personal growth and the pearls of beautiful life school with conviction and brilliance. It’s these qualities of the healer, and leader, that humbly allow one to hold a space for others while guiding them along their own journey of growth and expression of light. Alana does just this, from a place of love, service and gratitude. She is a beacon of light for all who are lucky enough to work with her.”

Sarah Woods



When Alana works with her clients, she sees and understands the wholeness of their being. Reading the body, mind and spirit, Alana is able to articulate the aspects of her clients that are desiring expansion, freedom and healing.

From intuitive personal training, yoga and meditation to energy healing, Alana works with her clients with a range of services to meet various requirements including:


Fitness goals you’re looking to reach


Recovering from injury or illness


Navigating motherhood and childbirth, from conception challenges to post-partum


Feelings of stress and anxiety


Soul creation and navigating matters of the heart

Alana’s purpose is to set you on a path to wellness and for your return to wholeness. Utilizing both movement and stillness, Alana helps you develop a deeper connection to your body’s energy and the flow, and alignment, of your soul.